Don't Assume.

Today's lesson was "don't assume" and I learned it in a big way. The veggie pattie sub at Subway has always been my "go to" lunch when I'm trying to eat healthy but still need a filling meal. If my willpower is strong, I'll skip the cheese, and when loaded up with veggies and lots of black pepper it's a substantial sandwich and even kind of tasty. Early on, I tried to calculate the calories. Specific information was scarce but my best guess put the total at about 700 calories for a 12 inch sub. Not great, but not terrible. Fast forward to this afternoon, when I needed more than a simple calorie count to complete my daily points log. Specific information for the sub is still hard to find for some reason (which should probably be a warning) and different people gave completely different numbers, but it looks like the real calorie total is in the 950 range. Even worse, we're talking 25 grams of fat. I'd actually be better off having a steak and cheese sub, so the veggie pattie has been demoted from "go to" lunch to an occasional treat.

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