Like a lot of people, I've been following the story of the oil leaking into the Gulf over the past few weeks, though with a certain amount of detachment that I wasn't aware of until today, when it suddenly, inexplicably went away. I was driving along the Lake Erie shore, looking for a new vantage point to shoot some photos, and it just hit me all at once how tragic it would be if the lake was simply ruined over the course of a couple months.

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piscean31dreams said...

This photograph is beautiful. Thanks again for document such natural beauty.

I have yet to allow myself to grasp the sheer magnitude of the oil spill-- not out of ignorance, but out of fear that I will never get over the anxiety stemming from the realization of all the damage done-- but tonight when I ride my bike to the marina for sunset, I'll view it from the perspective of Lake Erie like you did and see where that leaves me.