So my big photo exhibition is in July at Rust Belt. The show is called OhCD, because my original plan was to have square photos displayed in CD jewel boxes. Each case would contain a collection of five to ten photos centered around a theme. I soon realized that left me with a couple problems; first off, my 'themes' were all very similar. Too similar. One could even say 'nearly identical' and not be wrong. Second, that still left a lot of wall space to cover. So the CD boxes are no longer the main focus of the show, but the title remains, and I'm sure people think it refers to OCD and mental illness. I don't mind the ambiguity. I have OCD of the 'I left the stove on!; variety, but I don't think my photography would show that. Or maybe it does in a very obvious way only I can't see it, because I'm... you know, crazy n' shit. That's a much less appealing ambiguity. And speaking of OCD... once I was getting on to the Thruway to go to Syracuse to stay with my parents for the weekend. Right about Medina the OCD kicked in. Did I lock the door? Yes. Did I turn the water off? Yes. How about the stove? Oh shit. I couldn't remember checking the stove. I was already about a half hour into the drive, and I tried to talk myself down, but it just didn't work. Finally I realized I'd be a wreck all weekend so I turned around and went back. And my stove was ON! The good news is that I turned it off. The bad news is that I'll never be able to talk myself down in the future because 'it was on that one time'.

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