creation in 2014

Last winter was a tough one psychologically, but I knew if we could all just get through it a big creative storm was on the way. As usual, I was right. 2014 has been a year of interesting collaborations and opportunities. March saw the debut of the TwoLip Crew at the Vintage Vaudeville Cabaret. We performed Royals and No Diggity, and this time nobody said "oh,no!" (out loud, anyway) so I'm calling it a win. And it was a lot of fun to rehearse and perform with Jhen and Lindsay. I shot a short video on the Five Points "tactical urban intervention" which happened during CNU's visit to Buffalo. It wasn't a great video, but it was the most professional looking video I've ever shot and edited (not saying much) and I learned a lot for next time. Tonight is Artists and Models which I was not planning to attend and then BOOM I'm in it with Holly and Brian. Vintage Vaudeville Cabaret is chugging along, though the Sheas performance is probably off and I really struggle to find my place there. I keep wanting it to be Real Dream Cabaret Part II and it's just not. It takes time. But the big news is that I have a photo exhibition at Rust Belt Books on Allen Street. Iat will be up for the entire month of July, including a First Friday and part of Infringement. Very excited and terrified. I'm texcitified. Yes, it's a word.

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