Road Tunes!

Here's the track listing for the awesome mix CD I burned for when I pick up my new car (are there three lovelier words in the English language than "my new car"? Yes, but I'm never going to hear them so I'll have to take my joy where I can find it) this weekend. Any song on my computer with "blue" in the title was an automatic in.

1. Blue Kiss - Jane Wiedlin
2. Shining Light - Annie Lennox
3. All of Me - Ella Fitzgerald
4. Blue Letter - Fleetwood Mac
5. Different Drum - Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet
6. Adonis Blue - Voice of the Beehive
7. Little Black Book - Belinda Carlisle
8. The House That Jack Built - Aretha
9. Darling, Let's Have Another Baby - K. MacColl & B. Bragg
10. Too Jung - Popinjays
11. Nathan Jones - the Supremes
12. Our Lips Are Sealed - Fun Boy Three
13. Treachery - Kirsty MacColl
14. Until You Come Back to Me - Basia
15. My Blue Heaven - the Pogues
16. C is the Heavenly Option - Heavenly
17. Judy and the Dream of Horses - Belle & Sebastian
18. Make My Heart Fly - Proclaimers
19. Wedding Bell Blues - 5th Dimension
20. Blue Savannah - Erasure
21. I Believe in You - Kylie Minogue
22. Blue Monday - New Order

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