Goodbye, Lil' Red

Lil' Red is all cleaned out, which those of you who have been within 10 feet of my car know is a huge deal. As I expected, about eighty percent of what I cleaned out went right into garbage bags, but I also rediscovered some things I'd forgotten I even had. Most of that was small stuff like CDs or DeltaSonic car wash coupons, but the big find was a flash attachment from my Pentax K-1000 which will also work on my Nikon. Score! I should probably be ashamed because I haven't had my Pentax for at least six or seven years, but I'm not. I've got a flash! As for the rest of the stuff, I saved a few things for sentimental reasons but was ruthless with the rest. It was only weighing me down, figuratively and literally. The hardest part was "saying goodbye" to the car I've had for nearly nine years. But now that it's all emptied out it doesn't even seem like Lil' Red... it just seems like an empty car.

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