The Buzz

File this under "why didn't someone think of this sooner?" I've been shaving my head for years, and I use those $20 drugstore clippers. If I'm careful I might get a year and a half out of them before the blades dull up or the motor seizes, and once or twice I've splurged on more expensive models but they didn't work any better or end up lasting any longer than the cheap ones. But tonight I shelled out $50 for a new set of clippers, and my old set is still in perfect working order. Remington has come out with a set of clippers that not only has a longer cutting area, but is curved the match the contour of my scalp. Dude, this is huge. But there's more. They're rechargable, and watertight. You can rinse them off under running water. I'm actually drooling. UPDATE: ok, my excitement was premature. The clippers sort of suck. Perhaps they'll work better if I use them more often. Or maybe I have to follow the illustration and only shave a bowling ball.

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