Going Green

There are certain projects I can't start without a specific catalyst. For example, I can't buy Christmas gifts (or even cards) unless it's snowing. Snow on the ground? Doesn't matter. The flakes have to be in the process of falling or I won't leave the house. It's the same with my garden, although I haven't been at it long enough yet to recognize what flips the switch in my brain and gets me started. But there's clearly a switch, because I go from "who cares" to "I have to buy a new garden hose NOW!" overnight. I don't think it's weather-based, because despite mild temperatures I got a late start removing the mulch and dead leaves from the yard (a task that, given my coffee table-sized yard should take about 20 minutes but which I've yet to actually complete). I've gotten a bit done. The window box is planted with purple and crimson petunias (my plans to add two more boxes on the porch railing were shelved when I saw how much the ones I like cost) and the planter on my steps is holding some sort of bushy flowering thing that is perfect for the spot. I've also begun getting the grassy areas tidied up and trimmed. Again, 20 minute job for anyone else... But there's a lot more to do. The ornamental grass needs to be edited severely. It grows like gangbusters so my plan is to plant a few strands around my tree on the hell strip, and by next summer it will look fantastic. I also have to spend some time on my sidewalk - a brick sidewalk looks charming but it's more work than the rest of my garden combined. And of course there's my driveway... if Buffalo ever starts a Weed Walk I'm sure to get some sort of ribbon. I'm trying a new approach this year. Rather than give in to impulse and throw myself into gardening only to lose interest after a few days and move on to something else, I'm going to do something small every day. We'll find out if slow and steady really does win the race.

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