The Show Must Go On!

Today was the Real Dream Cabaret's first rehearsal inside the new Burchfield-Penney Art Center, where we'll be performing for the gallery's grand opening. It was a productive day. We sketched out the basic running order for the various parts of the show, and we did a few run-throughs of our big opening extravaganza - a spectacle complete with music, choreographed dancing, tumbling and the usual Real Dream Cabaret flourishes. If I can manage not to fall on my ass I think it will be a lot of fun. My involvement with the Real Dream Cabaret is a whole story in itself, but one for another day. Let's just say I've had my ups and downs, from wild applause to boxes of orange Jell-O being thrown at my forehead. Still, through it all, I've felt like I'm a part of something fun and creative and unique. It's a big part of my life, and I'm glad for that. But this latest project has me questioning my place in the group. Part of it is the natural change in equilibrium as new members join and older members leave; a brief period of shifting as a new combination clicks into place. But this time it's also more than that. I'm being forced to confront the fact - again - that I'm mediocre. Now, don't take this the wrong way. I've long ago made my peace with this, but it's still frustrating to watch the group aspire to - and achieve - ever greater artistic heights and feel like my contribution is mattering less and less.


BuffaloJenn said...

From what I know of you and what I've heard about you from others, mediocre is not a word that comes to mind. Superlatives are the norm: great, best, super, etc.

TW(N!)G said...

You always have the nicest things to say. Are you the Jenn I know or a Jenn I don't know?

BuffaloJenn said...

I'm a Jenn you know. I saw you at Betty's recently.