Time Capsule

My computer died about a month ago, so I'm using the one it replaced way back in 2008. It's about 80% annoying because there are reasons why I replaced it. But it's also about 20% fun because I'm rediscovering all the photographs I had taken back then which, in most cases, I'd completely forgotten about. It's interesting to look at the way I viewed the world then vs. now. It's only a few years but there are some differences. The first is that I didn't miss a chance to frame an image in a cheesy Paint Shop Pro frame (see above for example). This one isn't so bad, but a lot of them are hideous. And I used every single one. The second difference is that the photos are so small. Was I worried about storage? Computer speed? I don't know, but whatever it is I'm glad I don't worry about it anymore. The big difference is I got around a lot more back then than I do now. I think it's time to expand my range.

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