silver linings

The skies have been absolutely insane around here lately. It rained pretty hard this afternoon, then the sun came out strong, and everything was bright and clear and wet, while the sky was as blue as you can imagine with big fluffy white clouds. I went down to the hatch where the sky was dramatic, and sat for a while on the stones above the water. Such wind! I was actually chilly, and the waves crashed against the rocks hard enough to spray me, 20 feet up, every few minutes. There were several layers of clouds, all different and all moving in different directions. Every once in a while they'd hit just right and the light would change completely and instantly. It was strange and wonderful. The water went from steely gray to mossy green in the blink of an eye, then back to grey before I was ready. My battery ran out so I headed for home, and didn't I see another rainbow?

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