Chasing the Light

I've often heard people who take a lot of photos refer to themselves as "chasers of light" and though I sort of understood what they mean, it never really resonated with me until last night. I don't know if it's Arthur's distant influence (note to readers from the future: Arthur is a tropical storm that keeps threatening to turn into a hurricane and move up the east coast) or just luck, but the skies were absolutely beautiful yesterday. Impossibly big, fluffy white clouds fought for space with dark, ominous clouds that looked packed with rain and/or other kinds of michief. All day at work, I glanced out of a window every chance I could, watching the show and trying to decide where to go after work to take some snaps. As I drove around, I realized it must be Arthur, because everything was all wrong. The fluffy clouds weren't where they usually are, and the ominous clouds were moving very fast and with a purpose. Meanwhile there I was driving driving driving but never finding just the right view. Chasing the light, Pulling into a lot by the outer harbor to watch the sunset, it started to rain. Ok, I thought, not having taken a single shot, I can take a hint. Grab some dinner and go home. Tonight's sky was to experience, not to capture, and that's ok. As I came out of the store with my dinner, didn't the sky taunt me with this rainbow?

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