Garden Update

I know many of you are probably losing sleep wondering how my little garden is doing. As you will no doubt recall, I started planting my front yard again this year after an unfortunate 2012 lawn mowing accident that was a direct result of my not saying "No, don't mow those pretty plants down. Just do the grass." Live and learn, that's what I always say. Anyway, I'm already to the point where I can take another look at some of the choices I've made (type of plant and/or its location) to see what course corrections need to be made. Sure, there are some tweaks I'm going to need to make but overall the news is pretty good. I'm liking what I see.

As I've said before in my garden posts, foliage is what sells me (or doesn't) on a plant, and everything I've planted so far has interesting, attractive foliage. I like the low-key flowers of perennial plants, and I can always put out a pot or a window box with showier blossoms if I want some drama. I'm also trying to avoid the same old plants you see in everyone's garden, though I couldn't resist a pair of Euonymus. Ok, enough rambling - let's take the tour!

Number 1 in the photo above is Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow from Urban Roots. This is an interesting plant because it's a combination of spiky foliage stems (you can see them on the bottom of the plant in the photo) and taller, flowery stems. Mine has fewer flower stems than the one in the photo, making it look almost like two separate plants fighting for a single space. I also like the "wild but not too wild" appearance and shape, which works perfectly with my little garden. The flower stems are floppy but the foliage is growing strong, so I think this plant will be very happy where it is for a long time.

Number 2 are the pair of Euonymus I mentioned earlier, from Home Depot. Pretty much everyone in my neighborhood has at least one, but I couldn't resist. The foliage is so pretty and again, they look just wild enough. I have them flanking the Euphorbia so it's a mad riot of yellows and greens. The Euonymus are growing strongly as well, so I think this grouping is likely to stay where it is.

Number 3 is my surprise find of the year... Geum Fire Storm from Urban Roots. Mine isn't flowering this year but the foliage is full and robust, so I think it will end up looking bigger than the one in the photo. I can't wait to see all those pretty orange flowers. This is, happily, another plant that seems very happy where it is.

Last but not least is another concession to convention, the Astilbe from Home Depot. On paper, the Astilbe is the perfect plant for me. Interesting foliage, interesting flower, easy to grow. But for some reason this one just isn't working for me. I realize now it's in the wrong spot for one thing, so a move is definitely in its future. It might also need a brother or sister to make a grouping. We'll see!

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