Buffalo has a rhythm that I've adjusted to over the years. In the winter, you hibernate. You might venture outside to shovel or get the mail or maybe show up at your job, but for the most part you spend the winter months curled up somewhere with a blanket and the internet, and just try to get through it all (winter that is, not the internet). Then when the weather breaks (sometimes we get lucky and that's late March. It's more often early May) all hell breaks loose. People who have been cooped up all winter suddenly start throwing parties and there are festivals and art openings and all sorts of crazy stuff going on. Then, toward the end of summer, our collective energy starts to flag and the pace slows a bit. It's sad, because we know summer is about to end, but at the same time we're all getting a bit tired so the slowdown isn't exactly unpleasant. The back to school knocks all the parents out of the loop and the next thing you know it's November and you're standing in line at Valu Home Center with a weatherization kit in your hand. Of course, you're not ready. You never are. Paragraph Break! This pattern for 2011 has been different. The slowdown never really came this year, and now here it is mid-October and we're all scurrying around at our July pace, and there's no end in sight until at least Christmas. I guess this is a long winded way of saying I've been too busy to blog. And you've probably been too busy to notice. Paragraph Break! The Real Dream Cabaret is putting the final touches on our long awaited Outlaw Show. We've been "doing research" for this show (and by doing research I mean watching outlaw films every couple of weeks at Brian and Holly's house) for close to five years, and it's actually quite a bit of fun, so I always figured we'd just keep watching the movies and never get around to putting on a show. Then somehow our humble - but very thoroughly researched - little Outlaw Show appeared on schedules as part of Torn Space's season. A real theater! It's very exciting, of course, and a bit intimidating but we're all working hard and having fun. Paragraph Break! As exciting as that is, the real news is my impending uncle-hood. Yes, in just a few short weeks I'm going to have a niece. Can you believe it?

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