Egg Salad

When I was in school I worked at the hospital near my home. It wasn't a pleasant job as far as after school jobs went - I certainly didn't have the same status as my friends in retail - but the pay was excellent, and I could get full-time hours if I wanted. When I went away to school, they allowed me to come back and work on my vacations, which was a great help. On one vacation stint I was placed in the cafeteria at the sandwich station, which was basically a mini-Subway before there was a Subway. Customers would choose their bread and I'd fix up a sandwich to their specifications. One day a family came through the line and the little boy, about 6 years old, pressed his face against the glass to see what kinds of sandwiches we had to offer. His eyes lit up when he spotted the egg salad. "Mommy is the eggs like yours?" has asked. His mother was offended. "No they are not," she hissed. His eyes lit up even brighter. "I want the eggs!" he told me.

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BuffaloJenn said...

This post made me think about the various jobs I've held and how each one had positive and negative factors. It also made me laugh; you never know what kids might say.

Thank you!