I don't like to paint with a broad brush, but it's a fact that every Italian man who has ever lived thinks his mother is a saint, and that her meatballs are the best on Earth. How fortunate for me that in my case, both statements are true. Despite my best efforts, I had a few rough years right after graduating from high school, and my mom helped me get through them relatively unscathed. When I went away to school, I could count on a note or letter from home at least twice a week, and in those days before e-mail or unlimited long distance calling, that meant a lot. Still, it's funny to go back and read some of those notes, filled as they are with the details of a life I simply don't remember all that well. Here, presented out of context for maximum amusement, are selections from a few notes and letters I received my first year away at school.
1. That's why I keep my door LOCKED!
2. Take care and PLEASE DON'T HITCHHIKE! (this was underlined as well)
3. Everyone's going orange crazy around here.
I guess they aren't all that silly after all, though the idea that I'd ever hitchhike is still good for a chuckle.

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