Here's footage from Kevin and Megan's lovely beach-at-sunset wedding held on Sunday evening, along with the usual litany of excuses about low lighting and my lack of editing skills.


Megan said...

OMG - that is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I am out of words to thank you for this!!!!! I love, love, love LOVE YOU!

Sherry said...

What a fun, lovely "capture" of this awesome celebration! Well done, John, and congrats again to two of my favorite people!

Anonymous said...

It's taken me this long to comment because I've been so touched by this video and the photos posted by friends. It just fills me with joy to see how happy and beautiful you and Kevin are. What a wonderful celebration. I am so sad that we couldn't be there, but so happy that you were surrounded by so many loving friends. Long lives and love! Conce & Royce