50 Pounds...

Ok, we're going to take a break from car chat and talk about this diet thing. If all goes according to plan, I'll hit 50 pounds lost at my next weigh-in. This is, of course, fabulous news, and I couldn't be happier, though of course I also realize the real hard work lies ahead, not behind. My big fear is that, like an alcoholic, I'll have to work at staying on plan for the rest of my life, and that kind of sucks, because obviously I really like to eat. But there are a few things working in my favor, as well. I now think of food in terms of whether it's worth spending points on. A bag of M&Ms is delicious, but do I really want to blow seven points on something that will be gone in a couple of minutes? Lately, no, I don't. The natural result of this way of thinking is that I'm eating better food; fruits, vegetables, eggs, yogurt, low-fat cheese, whole grain breads, popcorn and so on. Gone is the fast food I used to live on. Gone are potato chips and chocolate (though I've indulged once or twice since starting back in May) and creamy mayonnaise-based salads. Even apart from the weight loss, I feel a lot better, and I hope this continues. But it's still work. I can do it, and for the first time I'm really starting to believe I will do it, but it's not easy, and I'm afraid it never will be.

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