Tonight on NPR they were talking with a guy from the MOTH Project, which has something to do with stories. I guess. I missed the intro and several key points due to errands/poor reception. Sidenote: didn't WBFO just build a more powerful new tower? If it's so powerful why does their signal drop out when I'm on Elmwood Avenue near Hertel? Because I have news for you, WBFO... if my choices are On Point or going to K-Mart, K-Mart is going to win every time. So anyway, this guy puts on an event where people tell stories, free of the distractions and interruptions that make it difficult to really tell a story at work or a cocktail party or whatever. I listened with interest because that's sort of how I envisioned the Story Repository when I first started it. It was never meant to be a personal blog filled with the boring minutiae of my life. It was meant to be a place to hand down stories in this electronic age; a digital campfire if you will. Well, as even a cursory glance at the archive will tell you, it did no such thing. Not a single person ever shared a story, big or small. I spent some time trying to figure out why, but eventually lost interest. Tonight's show has me thinking about it again. Maybe a Buffalo rip off... oops I mean homage to the MOTH Project in the back of Rust Belt Books? Who knows.

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