Truth and Consequences

You're probably as tired of reading about my weight loss struggles as I am of struggling. But unfortunately for both of us, this is going to take a while. I think I've already written that when I joined Weight Watchers I had no idea what to expect other than vague suspicions that a scale would be involved (it is) and that they'd try to sell me their pre-packaged food (they do, but it's a soft sell - nothing I can't handle). I imagined it playing out like an AA meeting complete with folding chairs and styrofoam coffee cups and teary confessions. Truth? I was afraid. Well, the meeting turned out to be no big deal. It was actually kind of interesting, and it gave me a few tips for staying on plan for the coming week. It's not a perfect fit. The group is overwhelmingly female, overwhelmingly suburban, and the issues they're dealing with aren't always the same as mine. But just like with that first meeting, I always learn 2 or 3 tips or bits of information that make things a lot easier. A half hour meeting each week is a small price to pay. Sometimes what I learn is small-scale: how to make sense of confusing microwave popcorn nutrition labels or maybe a recipe for a healthy dessert. Other times they're bigger and broader, like this week's lesson that choices have consequences. All this past week I flirted with going over my points total, and worse, I stopped keeping track. "Oh, it's only a few bites. It won't make a difference." Well, those few bites added up as bites will do, and despite what I'd thought was a good week I only lost a pound when weigh in time came around. Choices have consequences, even if the choice seems inconsequential.

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piscean31dreams said...

Yes, every bites has consequences, doesn't it? I've been reading about your progress via FaceBook, but this is the first time I've done so here through your blog and what strikes me most is that you are so brave for not only committing to doing this, but for sharing it so openly. I commend you.