Hee Haw (no, not that one)

This is the story of how I made fun of Dave Matthews. The Dave Matthews Band is one of my brother's favorite musical artists, a tick above Fleetwood Mac and a very distant second to U2. So in the tradition of older brothers teasing younger brothers (a tradition which dates back at least tot he bronze age) I developed a "Dave Matthews Impersonation" which sounded to the untrained ear exactly like a donkey braying. It wasn't terribly clever or even accurate but it got the job done. Meanwhile, it turns out that a woman I worked with is a personal friend of one of the band members, so I shared my impersonation with her and we both had a laugh. A few months later DMB came to Rochester, and my co-worker went. She was sitting in the second or third row, right in the center. During the show, between songs, Dave had a bit of a coughing spell and had to stop for a drink of water. My co-worker could be heard laughing hysterically. After the show, hanging out with the band, Dave asked if that was indeed her that had been cracking up as he choked on stage. She said yes, and what was so funny was that when he was choking he sounded exactly like my impersonation, which she of course decided to share, much to the delight of the rest of the band. For the rest of the evening whenever a band member passed Dave they would bray like a donkey. This is up there with the time I broke up one of Ani Difranco's friendships; a story which I'll save for another time.

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