Spring Has Sprung

As you can see, when I decide to take a bit of time off from writing, I'm not kidding around. This is partly because I've done a good bit of writing at work - certainly enough to quench my "hey, I want to write something" thirst - but mostly because I just haven't had anything interesting to share.
This is a strange but wonderful time of year in upstate New York. Hibernation time is over for real, and it seems as if there's something going on every day from now until the snow falls. It's exhilerating and it's exhausting. Normally spring recharges my creative energy but this year something is off. The one creative endeavor I've tried turned out nicely enough (and the jury is still out on whether "nice" is meant as a compliment), but it was well within my comfort zone and not exactly a sign of good things to come.
Will inspiration strike soon? Stay tuned to find out.

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