To a Good Kid

Presented for your amusement are these excerpts from my 8th grade yearbook. If the overwhelming consensus is to be believed, I was apparently "a good kid" with "a great personality" - flattering, yes, but kind of at odds with my vivid memories of being an outcast. Enjoy!

To a nice kid and I hope you will stay that way - Cindy (nice enough on the surface but with a vaguely threatening undertone) You are decent and nice. Don't drink coffee and you might grow taller. - Sue (the hell? I wasn't short) Try not to act so goofy in high school or people will think something is seriously wrong with you. - Elaine (whoa) Remember to always control yourself. - Mark (no clue what this means) Hope your high school years are your happiest. - Carol (Thanks for nothing, Carol) Vote for me for best looking or you're dead! - Rodney (isn't it too late for that if you're holding the yearbook?) Say hello to your mother for me. - Kathy (nothing says "cool" like people giving your mom a shout-out when they sign your yearbook)

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