Garden 3.0 Earns a C+

It will be the proverbial cold day in hell before my garden is Garden Walk worthy, but I still use the Walk as motivation to get everything looking as lush as possible by the last weekend in July. This year as I took stock, I realized Garden 3.0 is a definite step back from previous versions. It's not entirely my fault. The almost-daily rain has been tough on some of the less sturdy specimens - the blue wildflowers I love so much are now almost completely horizontal. And there are some bright spots. The ivy is thriving since I removed the ornamental grass, and the coreopsis and anemone are blooming like mad (I so hope they both survive the winter). The forsythia is a quick grower, and the new chocolate snakeroot with its purple and green foliage is perfect for the spot where the ornamental grass used to be. Even the crazy-quilt collection of flowering perennials I planted around the tree is filling in, if slowly, and I think with a few additions and some annuals for drama the hell-strip will be quite nice in 2010. But the sad fact remains: I made some major blunders. Leave it to me to have my sophomore slump in my junior year.

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