Last year at about this time I took some photos of my garden, and I've been waiting for June to arrive in order to compare this year's garden with last year's. The results are a mixed bag, but overall I'm pleased. There are a couple areas where the 2009 version is lacking, but that's mostly due to my laziness rather than anything Mother Nature has done. It needs some serious weeding for one thing, and the brick sidewalk is a mess. Worst of all is the circle of dirt around the tree on the hell strip... the wildflowers don't seem to be coming back and I haven't put anything in to replace them. On the plus side, everything seems to be about 25 percent larger than last year at this time, and things are mixing nicely - it seems more like a whole rather than seperate, distinct plants in seperate, distinct areas. The window box is also an improvement. Last year's navy blue petunia / ivy mix never really worked for me. This year I stuck with petunias but in beautiful crimson and purple that look fantastic together.

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