Woy/Ubu III

We've got the first weekend of Woy/Ubu performances under our belt and it's the typical mish mash of good and bad. On the good side, attendance has been solid (we sold out on Saturday) and to my amazement this complicated show has been generally glitch-free despite the space being wired with every technical gadget imaginable. On the bad side it's all strangely anti-climactic after the rigorous rehearsal schedule, and as usual I'm the weak link performance wise. Still, it's a good show and I'm proud to be involved. We got a positive - glowing, even - review in the Buffalo News, though it's a bit harder to read audience reaction. I think this is at least partly because the show itself sends mixed messages to the audience about how they should react. My working theory is that people are probably a bit overwhelmed by the experience, and hopefully after they've had some time to digest it all they'll decide they enjoyed it very much. Overall I'd rate the whole experience as comparable to the Claire experience: a lot more work than I bargained for and an enjoyable opportunity to learn a lot, but not something I'd be in a hurry to sign up for again. I've really got to start listening to myself when I say I'm not an actor.

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