Then, It Got Kind of Nice

So this morning my supervisor informed me that I have a fan club on Facebook, which, I have to say, is a pretty awesome way to start a day off. My friend and co-worker Kimberly founded the group, and she put a photo of me and Kathy Griffin at the top of the page. It was adorable (the concept, not the photo; the photo is actually pretty gruesome). But as the morning went on, my initial flush of flattered contentment gave way slowly but surely to anxiety... what's the proper etiquette for someone who has a fan club? Am I allowed to join up and participate, or am I expected to maintain an amused but silent detachment? Is it bad form for me to actively recruit members for my own fan club? Do I care? Is it possible to turn this into a money-making opportunity? The answers I came up with are of course I should join up and participate; yes, it's very bad form to actively recruit members; and no, I don't care. People are joining up and leaving unbelievably sweet messages and it's all a great deal of fun - kind of like being the guest of honor at a fabulous online cocktail party or being alive for my wake. I only wish I could figure out a way to shift the focus away from me (especially now that Cheryl seems poised to bust out some embarrassing stories about our college days) but still keep this wonderful group of friends chatting away. I might have to start up fan clubs for my entire Facebook friends list. Everyone should get a chance to feel as special as I feel today.

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