Those of you familiar with the Real Dream Cabaret know we've been preparing for (and talking up) our "upcoming" Outlaw Show for - checks calendar - a few years now. I've long sinced stopped wondering if the show will ever actually happen but the preparations sure are a lot of fun. Every couple of weeks we get together and watch an outlaw movie. In typical Cabaret fashion, our definition of outlaw is vague and fluid. It could be a film that focuses on crime and/or criminals (Bonnie and Clyde, Double Indemnity, M) or a film that breaks the established rules of cinema (Dogville, Bonnie and Clyde again, the Naked Kiss), or it could just be something we've wanted to see (Paper Moon, Suspiria, the Dragnet Christmas episode). We watch the movie, talk about it for a while, and then take turns selecting the next movie to watch. I think part of the reason the Outlaw Show never gets around to happening is that we're all enjoying this "Outlaw Cinema" way too much. I love seeing a variety of movies I'd never have seen on my own, followed by intelligent, interesting discussion that deepens my understanding of the film. So far my favorites have been Dogville, M, and Band of Outsiders, but it's also been a treat to share my film favorites with the group, and I'm proud to say my two selections have gone over well!

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