A Delicious Dinner

Among my many complicated relationships is my relationship with food. I do love to eat, and much like my taste in music, my taste in food ranges from the absolutely sublime to the embarrassing. The New Year is only a few days old but I've already had some great meals, and I hope this points to a trend that will continue throughout 2009. Last night on a whim I stopped at La Tee Da. One of life's great injustices is that I can't afford to eat at La Tee Da every night, because the food is amazing and the ambiance makes me feel good no matter what's going on in my life. I started out with the bread, hummus and olive appetizer, which, delicious as it is, barely registers because it's so familiar. Next was my favorite thing on the menu there: the vegetarian chicken wings, which are really strips of eggplant, breaded and fried up, then served slathered in hot sauce along with bleu cheese and carrot sticks, just like chicken wings. The fact that they're my favorite is especially odd since I don't really care for actual chicken wings. Anyway, next up was the main course: gnocchi carbonera. Oh. My. God. I was ready to just put my face into the bowl and start lapping it up, it was so good. The portion was small, but that's my own fault for ordering a half-size in the interest of thrift. Don't worry - I made up for both by having dessert; a delicious home made apple crisp with cranberries. Heaven.

Note: when I started the Story Repository I never intended it to become one of those self-indulgent "hey, look what I had for breakfast!" type blogs, but here I am waxing poetic about my dinner. I promise to provide more substantial, thought-provoking content in the near future.

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