I'm that in-between age; I'm young enough to embrace new technology like cell-phones or the internet, but not young enough to feel 100% in command of the nuances like texting or RSS feeds or Twitter. So when it comes to cell phones that means yes, I have one and yes, I spend a lot of time choosing an appropriate ringtone (it has to be bouncy and fun, but not sound like I'm the kind of person who cares about things like ringtones), but I often neglect to charge my phone or check my voice mail for days on end. I've also been known to lose/drop/destroy them, like the time the dogs I was watching turned my phone into what looked like a ball of aluminum foil with a matte finish and numbers. I was annoyed, because that was one of the few phones I actually liked, but there's a happy ending. My search for a replacement phone led me to another carrier which offered a less expensive plan, saving me about $15 a month. Good doggie! But anyway, in December I became eligible for a free phone upgrade, and I was ready. I hated my old phone. It managed to somehow be too small and too bulky at the same time, and the sound quality was terrible. I was thrilled when I left the phone store with my shiny new phone. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my fatal mistake... falling for something shiny. The phone had a mirrored chrome finish, lovely in the display case but less attractive covered in the greasy smudges and fingerprints that seemed to appear out of thin air when I wasn't even touching the damn thing. Now, I'm no neat freak but I soon realized this phone would drive me crazy unless I did something drastic. Fortunately Sprint allows a phone swap - no questions asked - within 7 days so I was able to trade in my shiny phone for the little number in the photo above: a Sanyo PRO-200. The silver parts are matte finish - no smudges - and the black parts are rubber-like - durable and grippable. Sound quality is fine and I get five+ hours of talk time from my battery. I love my phone! Now if someone would just call me. Full Disclosure: my current ringtone is the theme song from Bewitched.

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