The Real Dream Cabaret spent Sunday afternoon shooting video footage for the Burchfield Penney opening. We started out at Central Park Plaza, which was a thriving (if shabby) retail center when I was at UB. Now it's an urban wasteland, completely vacant except for a single clothing store and an Off Track Betting parlor. Then it was off to Woodlawn Beach, where our relaxed schedule and the end of daylight savings time conspired against us... we just finished shooting when the sun set. I have a soft spot for the group video shoots, partly because a similar shoot was my first activity as a full-fledged Cabaret member, and partly because they're just plain fun. There's no pressure, no lines to memorize or audience members to throw boxes of Jell-O at my forehead. It feels like goofing around but somehow Brian and Holly manage to turn it all into beauty. For more behind the scenes photos, click HERE.

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