Friday Fish Fry

Hamlin House is a popular spot for Friday fish fry in Buffalo but damned if I can figure out why. I won't go into my various complaints because other people seem to like it there and besides, nobody put a gun to my head. I will mention, however, the portions are somewhat less than generous and I do love me some generous portions. Worse, the reality of potato/zucchini chowder failed - by a very wide margin - to live up to its promise. Anyway, we were gathered there for Joe's farewell fish fry. He's moving to St. Louis in less than a week, which is even more disappointing than the chowder. Boo. After Hamlin House we went to Chow Chocolate for dessert, and despite the weird ambiance (we seemed to be crashing a private party) the desserts were flat out amazing. Denice convinced me to skip a boring cup of hot chocolate in favor of something called Sipping Chocolate, for which I'm eternally in her debt. It was like if you condensed every happy feeling on earth into a tiny cup, then covered it with the thickest whipped cream ever. Heaven. The icing on the cake was seeing Elizabeth (shout out!) and Polly (shout out!) before we embarked on a futile search for karaoke. Of course, it was all fun and games until Jamie May got hit with an egg. Just like always.

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