This is Corpus Christi Church over on the East Side of Buffalo, just off Broadway. Last weekend was their annual harvest festival (I'm not even going to try to spell Dozynki). There's food, of course, and a polka band along with the usual trappings of any church festival. You can get amazing home-cooked pierogi under a big tent in the parking lot ($1 each and more than worth the price for the butter alone) but my favorite part of Dozynki is the chance to walk through the church. It's a beautiful, grand, imposing building - the kind of place that puts me in a spiritual frame of mind. It also reminds me of Assumption, the church I grew up in. Assumption is older by a few years and smaller by more than a few feet, and because it was remodeled extensively after a devastating fire in the 1930s there's a chaotic mix of architectural styles vying for your attention. But it has the same feel, and being in Corpus Christi always takes me right back to my childhood. And did I mention the pierogi?

Top: Corpus Christi Church. Bottom: Assumption Church

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